Pique-Nique Vigneron

Enjoy local specialties at Domaine de Marotte

We are Daan & Elvire Vandykman, a couple with a passion for wine. Since 1998 we have been producing honest, pure wines of outstanding quality on our vineyard, Domaine de Marotte. We work the vines in the time-honoured, natural way and we love to share our passion with you.

Présentation Pique-Nique Vigneron

But we are able to offer you more than wine alone! For your well-being and pleasure, we have designed two ‘Taste-formulae’, which you can enjoy seated at one of the several tables in the midst of our vineyards.
You have a choice between Pique-Nique Vigneron and Apéritif Vigneron.

When choosing Pique - Nique Vigneron you will be presented with a basket filled to the brim with an extensive selection of local specialties and of course one or more of our wines. In the basket you’ll find bread, various cheeses, fine charcuterie, olive tapenade, fruit, and jams . All those delicacies are produced at local farms where quality, originality and tradition prevail, just like at our Domaine!


If you choose Apéritif Vigneron we will serve you local delicacies on a typical Provencal board to accompany your wine. With both options you’ll enjoy all these good things and in addition stunning views over our Domaine.

Would you like to pick up a basket with delicacies and consume them somewhere else ?
That can be arranged too!

Prices Pique-Nique Vigneron 2018

Pique-Nique Vigneron excl. wine*

Tour, tasting and picknick basket are included

2 persons                   € 17,50 p.p.

3 - 5 persons              € 16.,50 p.p.

6 persons or more      € 15,00 p.p.

children under 12        €  7,50 p.p. (incl. grape juice)


* GROUPS 10+ persons ON REQUEST

Wines Pique-Nique Vigneron

Tradition (Cuvée Luc - Cuvée Jules - Cuvée Niels)      € 10,00

Cuvée L'Authentique                                                     € 11,00

Cuvée Vieilles Vignes                                                   € 12,50

Spéciale (Viognier - Cuvée Eline - Summum)              € 15,00


PRICES APERITIF VIGNERON (starting at 03:00 P.M.)

(audiotour and winetasting included)

€ 7,50 p.p.

For groups rates, please contact us :










starting at 13:00 am


starting at 13:00 am


starting at 13:00 am


starting at 13:00 am




starting at 13:00 am




starting at 13:00 am

*upon reservation only




 groups available upon request        


** In the week of monday the 30th of April 2018 our picknicks are available on Wednesday and Thursday (upon reservation)

In the week of monday the 7th of May 2018 our picknicks are available on Wednesday and Friday (upon reservation)

*** Except Wednesday the 15th of August 2018

Because we work with fresh ingredients we ask you to make a reservation. Please contact us at +33 4 90 63 43 27 or +33 6 82 43 50 55 


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